The Fuller Life Team

Our therapists are dedicated to clinical excellence, committing to 4 times the required amount of training required for licensure.

Riya Roney, Resident Therapist

Jayda Washington

Jayda Washington, Resident Therapist

Harold Gibson

Harold Gibson, Resident Therapist

Am Fuller

Dr. Amy Fuller, Clinical Director

Dr. Timothy Parker, Clinical Supervisor

Dormetra Henry, Masters Student Therapist

Dormetra Henry LPC, Clinical Therapist

Chantail Green

Dr. Chantail Green LPC, Clinical Therapist

Robert LaBarbera, Resident Therapist

Felicia FL Headshot

Felisha Ibarwin

Shayla Johnson, Resident Therapist

Brandyn Treat, Student Therapist

Natasha Paradeshi

Natasha Paradeshi, Interim Executive Director