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Grow into a confidence effective therapist who truly makes a difference


At Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute, we know you want to be a therapist who truly makes a difference. The only thing standing in your way to becoming licensed after graduate school are 3000 hours of experience and weekly supervision.

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The problem is the traditional training model isn’t always enough to equip you to become a confident, effective clinician.

This may leave you anxious or confused about what to do next, wondering if you’re truly ready to practice on your own.

We believe therapists should be confident that they will be able to provide effective therapy. That’s why at Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute, we’ve been changing the way therapists are trained since 2012.

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Our carefully constructed trauma-informed pragmatic training program bridges the gap between

We graduate top-notch therapists by providing:

We train, empower and support developing therapists who provide professional therapy to families and individuals at affordable rates. 

Here’s how you can join:

Fill out our interest form today, and in the meantime, download our Guide to a Postgraduate Fellowship at Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute. 

Completing your training at Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute offers a transformative journey in a challenging, yet supportive environment. You don’t need to start your clinical career in isolation. 

Be confident as a newly licensed therapist so that you can make a true difference in your clients’ lives.

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Fuller Life is more than another therapy agency,

We’ve been changing how therapists are trained since 2012