Natural Processing

A different kind of therapy to heal trauma using Somatic EMDR

A different kind of therapy

Have you tried traditional talk therapy and want something different?

Do you feel stuck in your life? Have you tried other ways to heal trauma, but still cope with PTSD symptoms?

Natural processing is a unique way of healing the challenges of life. This approach relies on an understanding of our nervous system and can create lasting change and healing. Developed by Craig Penner, LMFT, natural processing integrates several approaches including EMDR, somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, and Crucible therapy.

What does Natural Processing look like?

The therapist and client determine a focus for the session related to previously determined treatment goals. The focus could be a current concern, a past trauma, challenges of a relationship, or anything that is important to the client to address. The therapist asks the clients to identify sensations in the body that are present throughout the processing session. The therapist may ask what emotion goes with the focus or if the client has any judgments about themselves because of the focus.

As the client pays attention to their experience, the therapist will gently tap on their knees. The therapist may also use EMDR tappers or headphones to create bilateral stimulation for the brain, which is how our brain naturally processes during sleep during REM sleep. If the sessions are virtual, clients have the option of tapping on themselves, watching a ball on the screen, or purchasing EMDR tappers.

How Somatic EMDR Therapy Can Help You.

Read more about Somatic EMDR from our Graduate Lindsay Perry, LPC at her practice Grounded in Truth counseling.

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