We all want to live a full life.

When we face overwhelming emotional pain or relationship trouble, we need professional and compassionate therapy to heal.

There are many people who face barriers to professional help. Pain doesn’t discriminate between those with access to therapy and those without. 

Barrier #1: Therapy is expensive

Barrier #2: No health insurance

Barrier #3: Time away from work

We believe everyone deserves access to affordable mental health care AND family therapy. 

At Fuller Life, we are committed to making therapy accessible to all people, so we ensure our professional services are:


We train, empower and support developing therapists who provide professional therapy to families and individuals at affordable rates. 

Fuller life team 2015
Fuller Life Team 2016

We offer stellar therapy at rates anyone can afford.

Since 2012, our postgraduate training program has been developing top-notch therapists who are trained to help people heal and even grow from the pain that they carry while providing therapy at rates anyone can afford.

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Join our generous community of “LIFE GIVERS” who care that EVERYONE has access to mental health care. 


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Join our generous community of Fuller Life GEMS! Our GEM’s Give Every Month and are the backbone of our ability to provide therapy services to all people regardless of their ability to pay.