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DBT 4 modules

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: From a Life of Misery to One Worth Living

We all struggle to manage our emotions. Our self-destructive behaviors get in the way and the result is often that ...
Confident Black Woman

Sex Positivity: Black Female Sexual Expression is Not Hypersexual or Shameful

Black women have been sexually objectified as lustful and hypersexual. The stereotypical hypersexual image of Black women is a tiny ...
mindful self care

10 Simple Ways to Practice Mindful Self-Care

Have you experienced being on the go-go-go and along the way recognize that it is hard to go-go-go? Do you ...
Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes

Do people really change? This is a question that often plagues people when considering counseling. Is it even worth trying? ...
sand tray therapy

Working it out in the Sand: The Magic of Sand Tray Therapy

What is sand tray therapy? What can be gained from using sand in therapy with clients? These may be some ...
Beautiful Black Woman

The Orgasm Gap and What it Means for Women

Everyone with a vulva and having sex without an orgasm should continue to read on. Some women say they are ...
foreplay 101

Foreplay 101: What to Know to Get the Juices Flowing

Read with caution: This blog provides sexual content and educational subject matter. Read at your discretion. The group Mtume released ...
Mindfulness Rain

Mindfully Weathering the Storm with R.A.I.N.  

Mariah Carey’s song, “Through the Rain”, has encouraged many during their personal storms. In our fast-paced world, it is very ...
When trauma is “the norm”: About CPTSD

When trauma is “the norm”: About CPTSD

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or CPTSD is not a formal mental health diagnosis, but this term describes a mental health ...
Are you "HEALING" or "DERAILING" your grief process?

Are you “HEALING” or “DERAILING” your grief process?

Grief is an equal opportunity offender and impacts everyone, especially during the era of COVID-19. However, how we understand grief ...

When African Americans Grieve

This summer, the nation and the world grieved the loss of George Floyd and other victims of police violence. The ...
Teletherapy, Is It Right For Me?

Teletherapy, Is It Right For Me?

Since the outbreak of COVID19, many healthcare professionals have switched to telehealth platforms, including counselors and therapists! Called Telemental health ...