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play therapy

Life Lessons from the Play Therapy Room

How often do we, as adults, catch ourselves re-learning something we knew how to do quite naturally as children?  Part of the
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Mother child 2

Parenthood: The Power of Breathing

Parenthood is an adventure. Each day brings new challenges and new surprises. We can feel exhilarated one moment and the very next
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Perfectionville: Population Zero

                 It starts as early as we can remember.  We make a mistake, we are
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On the Other Side of Burnout

“Life is full of difficulties. If we don’t have enough happiness on reserve, we have no means to take care of our
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The Superpower of Self-Awareness

We live in an age of self-awareness; it is an age in which we have the capability to monitor and measure our
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At Fuller Life, our therapists provide in-depth relational therapy for a diverse population of clients. We offer individual therapycouple’s counselingcounseling for children, adolescent counseling and family therapy. We heal within relationship. Our therapists understand the importance of this awareness.

We aim to provide various and affordable services to the community we serve. Our hours are flexible, and fees for resident therapists are set on a sliding scale based on income. Go to the  ”Where We Are“ tab to submit an appointment with one of our therapists via email or call (855) 245-5433 for an appointment today.