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Trouble in the bedroom? See a Sex Therapist.

Many couples struggle to have a vibrant sex life or lose the passion they once had. They can feel hopeless for ever achieving the kind of romantic relationship they desire.

Many therapists are not trained to address the sexual difficulties couples face and ignore sexual issues.  A solid sex therapist will invite individuals and couples to explore sexual experiences and challenges so they can grow through the process. 

Chantail Green LPC is a certified sex therapist candidate and in the process of completing a doctorate degree with a specialization in sexuality.  Whether your issue is infidelity, desire discrepancy, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction or a history of sexual abuse, Chantail can bring hope to what may feel like a hopeless situation.   She is fully equipped to help clients face and grow through various sexual concerns.

Chantail Green, LPC

Meet Dr. Green

Chantail Green is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a post-graduate certificate from Fuller Life. She is a certified sex therapist candidate and holds a doctorate degree with a specialization in sexuality.  

Chantaill specializes in helping couples or individuals navigate the challenges of sexuality to achieve a healthy and fulfilling sex life. She sees clients online in the state of Texas.

Call Chantail today to schedule an appointment at (832) 685-2018.

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