Challenges Faced by Single Parents

Fuller Life is a place that facilitates healing. Our aim is to provide a bridge through difficult times and promotes hope in difficult relationships. You may sympathize with this mission as well. Though you may not have the training to offer this service yourself, there is an opportunity for you to be involved in this goal. We need others to know that we are an available resource. We need partners to support us financially. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further about participating in this mission with us.

The AAMFT recently highlighted a penetrating article by the NY Times published last month with great significance for the work we do at Fuller Life. The article compared two women – both mothers of elementary aged children with similar salaries, the same race, and the same level of education. Yet the quality of life they and their children experience could not be more disparate. What is the main difference? One is married and receives financial and parenting support from her husband; the other is single and carries the weight of providing for all the needs of her children by herself. The article highlights the increasing challenges of the single-parent family and the struggles these parents and their children face.

What if this situation could be prevented? What if single parents and their children could find some relief? Fuller life can be a healing place for families of single-parent and dual parent homes. We desire to offer hope in the face of the many challenges families face today. Join a conversation with us to find out how you can participate in our mission to provide healing and hope to the underinsured and uninsured families in the Houston area.

Scott Rampy, M.MFT, LMFTA

Resident Therapist at Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute

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