Valentine’s Day Emergency!

Valentines Day EmergencyDrawing a blank on what to do for Valentine’s Day? The pressure to please can sap the romance right out of a day that is intended to be about enjoying your relationship. As is the case in many relationships, perhaps the romance secretly escaped your relationship about the same time you said “I do.” While your love for your significant other has increased over time perhaps it has become increasingly difficult to figure out how to communicate it.

Have no fear. Here are a few last minute suggestions:

  • Are there small kids in the family? After they are put to bed spread a quilt over the floor in the living room and have an indoor candle lit picnic. Set the mood. Light a candle, put on their favorite music and share some chocolate-dipped strawberries that you brought home with you.
  • Share 10 things you love about your spouse.
  • Make a CD of their favorite songs from when you were dating.
  • Write your own card.
  • Play the Love Map Game to show your desire to get to know each other better and have a few laughs.
  • Low on funds? Put on your finest clothes. Then take a tablecloth and candle to your favorite fast food restaurant. Enjoy the funny looks others give you all.
  • Identify your favorite characteristics in your partner. Share your favorite memory of a time that those traits were on display.
  • Share favorite memories of significant moments in your relationship over dinner.
  • Do the small things. Leave notes. Buy flowers. Eat together. Talk. Even if it doesn’t seem grand it may be more meaningful to them than you know.
  • Has your relationship been on the rocks? Book a couples therapy session with us and tell them how important the relationship is to you.

Scott Rampy, M.MFT, LMFTA

Resident Therapist at Fuller Life Family Therapy Institute

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